About Us

Our History

AICD Was founded in 2008 and registered in the year 2009. AICD is a non-profit/non-governmental volunteer organization having multidimensional approach working for welfare and development of humanity, especially in the larger interest of marginalized, disadvantaged and poor humans as well as the socially and economically handicapped and down trodden communities of FATA and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. AICD believes in teamwork and to moblize and organize poorest of the poor under participatory approach. AICD is multi-pronged(NGO) working for the larger interest of backward communities to rehabilitate them socially, morally as well as economically.

The efforts are aimed to improve their life standard, improvement of socio-economic condition and way of thinking in all disciplines, to develop their local resources and enhance their income generating sources as well as build their capacity on sustainable ground leading towards their self-respect, self-decision, self-reliance, and self-sufficiency.

AICD believes in teamwork and to mobilize and organize poorest of the poor under participatory approach.

Organizational Objectives

All the activities of AICD are guided by organizational objectives translated down from it’s vision mission statements, which in turn are reflective of local, national and international developmental priorities.

To provide formal, informal as well as mine-risk eduction to people across the country enabiling them to be responsible citizens, capable of earning a decent living for supporting HH and keep in the militancy affected/hit areas.

To work for the development of community based infrastructure with focus on agriculture/ irrigation development and other agriculture related matters like better yeilds, farmer trainings and marketing etc.

To work for the creation of healthy society, where everyone will have acess to basic health facilities, children immunized against the dangerous diseases especially Polio & Hepatitis, a society free of Malaria, HIV/AIDS and other transmittable diseases. Best hygiene practices will be promoted with a society free of open-defection and access to clean potable water.

To mobilize youth for awerness and advocacy campaigns and engaging them in such cultural and economics activities that can lead to regional integration that will be the prelude to regional peace and universal prosperity for the masses of the region.

To work on the mobilization/ organization/ participation and empowerment of communities with the aim that community has to take over the responsibility of their development indigenously. Community will play the lead role in every AICD intervention.

To work on the provision of humanitarian aid and services to victims of disasters, catastrophes, to the disabled, the poor, the sick and the destitute and such other persons in similar needs and circumstances without any regard to colour, race, creed or religion. AICD will focus on awareness rising of communities on disaster risk reduction to minimize losses in the disaster prone areas of pakistan.

To promote basic human rights and protection especially child protection in our society, with special focus on gender equlity and eradication of discrimination on the basis of gender, religion or ethnicity.


AICD has the following achievements to its account.

AICD has carried out projects on women empowerment in south waziristan Agency.FR Tank and district tank                  since march, 2012 till 2014 with the financial suppot of          UN agencies. During the project period AICD established          12     women vocational centres(10 in FATA and 2 in                  Tank) with the       capacity of around 50 trainees per centres where AICD staff trained more than 1000 trainees during the period with different vocations skills.

AICD remained actively involved in community mobilization, advocacy, human rights especially women and children rights sessions, hujra meetings, FCR dialogues, disaster risk managment training to the community, peace gatherings and media coverage with the financial support of CAMP NGO in Bajaur Agency.

The organization has also worked under the provincial health cluster FDMA in the year 2012 with to implement a project provision of reproductive health services to the conflict affected population of south waziristan Agency and FR tank.

Through awareness raising campaigns many communities were linked with bajaur based local NGO,s doners and government funded projects like FRDP, FSSP, GSP, and nation building departments. The interventions facilitated under these programs/projects included street pavements, clean drinking water supply schemes and lining of water courses, provision of agriculture and livestock development inputs.

The organization has implemented US-AID funded capacity building project for formation of CBOs, trainings to communities in participatory development, managerial skills, conflict mitigation and peace negotiations.

Most of the employees/volunteers of the AICD were given training on social mobilization and conflict resolution skills by IRC,FDMA,CAMP,US AID and N-IRM, FAO,UNFPA,UNHCR and UNOCHA etc.

The capacity bulding program (CBP) provided all necessary equipments including computers and furniture etc to the AICD’s office in Bajaur. CBP was extended facilitation by AICD in conducting monitoring visits to the communities with interventions under USAID funded livelihood program.

The organization maintained excellent working relationships with local political adminstration and received recognition of being a pro-people local development entity.